Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas..

Christmas is seriously a bajillion times more fun with kids.  They love everything about the decorating, waiting for Santa, baking, etc.
In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we did all the usual fun stuff such as...

Tree decorating!  We have to hot glue about 20 ornaments each year because apparently, they double as toys.  Looks like Santa never recovered his hat last year on this one.  Hmmm.  Oh well!

Put your hands in the air for presents!!!

Ok this little gem is a favorite with the kids.  Jett has been asking since about Halloween when we could pull out Jesus and the hay cradle.  FINALLY the moment arrived and he was super pleased.  It did prompt some really good questions though.  After playing for a while, Jett wanted to know how come Jesus has two dads?  And why is God never in any of his playlets?  Deep thoughts here.

This hat was literally worn almost daily in the month of Dec.  Major holiday spirit here!!!
And of course Christmas isn't Christmas without lots of crafts.

Anyone who knows us, knows that the bunch kids love their costumes.  Since we didn't have a rudolph costume handy, we figured a way to whip one up quickly.  
Then Jett tied a laundry basket to himself and pulled his sisters around the house.  Giddy up Rudolph!

And more and more and more crafts.

It's almost becoming a ritual for dad to bring home cookies for the kids when he's at work.  To keep with the theme, it was Christmas cookies this week.

My personal favorite- baking.  

Decorating cookies at Ree Ree's house.  This was a pretty strategic move on Sarah's part.  She brought all the supplies up to Ree Ree's and let the kids go at it.  HUGE mess.  Enormous.  Such a good call Sarah to take that disaster to someone else's house!!  Sorry Ree Ree!!!

Um, sharing?

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