Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bronco's for Life

The football season sadly came to an end which means our Friday nights will be a little emptier....well that is until FNL starts up and our boys will actually be playing.  The kids love these games and have so much fun each week.  Kinda sad we have to wait a whole more year for them!

 The crew.  I seriously never see these boys the entire game.  I think they play a few rounds of football themselves for most of it.  They just disappear for the entirety.  Once, we found Drew participating  in the homecoming clue how he finagled that one!

One game we were so lucky to have some good friends of the family come down from Washington to visit.  Lila, of course made fast friends with Sally :)

Jett and his buddy Seth.

And his Bfffffff Drew.

 Practicing in hopes of making the VMHS cheer squad of 2025.

Visiting with the firefighters....that's my girl, Lila!!!

Getting their patriotism on with the national anthem.

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