Monday, January 21, 2013

Countdown to Christmas

In the days before Christmas we tried to squeeze in as much festivities as we could.
Making gingerbread cookies are a must of course.

Lila added just a touch of sprinkles.

Get it Ruby!

The last week before Christmas Jett had to go to school during the AM time.  It was BRUTAL.  It honestly was horrid for us all.  I so so so love PM school.  I wish all grades were PM. I wonder if I can petition my legislators or something about this...
Anywho, it was much more bearable once we stopped off at Starbucks to get a jump start on the morning!

The mall has a night where they play music and turn on snow machines.  This was a highlight for them!

Photobomb by Luke and Drew!!

Snowing in Temecula!!

This is as close as we could get of a group shot.  I think it was actually bubbles or something, but these kids believed it was the read deal.

And you know it's not the Christmas season if you don't hear the ringing bells of the Salvation Army!  Papa somehow was scheduled to ring (???) so he recruited some tiny helpers.

In the last fifteen minutes of the shift, Papa told Jett and Drew that if they got 10 donations, Drew got to spend the night at yours truly.  I hold my titles as the funnest Auntie very seriously, so naturally, Drew really wanted that sleepover.  I didn't witness this, but apparently Jett and Drew got in peoples faces pretty intensely with that bell and reached their goal!  Yay- sleepover at the Bunch house!!!  Oh and more money for the Salvation Army.  Everybody wins!!

So we wrapped up the night with a fun sleepover which of course- at Auntie Rin Rin's house, that means brownies for dinner :)

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